You should have a personal account at ZOOM online meetings platform;

Please set the name of your account in accordance with the information you provided during the registration in the format "First Name / Surname". The event administrator admits all participants according to the "First Name / Surname" indicated during the registration on the website;

We recommend you to use Personal Computer while joining the event. It is not recommended to use the Mobile Application;

You need to have stable Internet connection with a data transmission speed of at least 10 Mbps;

You need to ensure that your location provides good Internet coverage and speed;

Your Personal Computer should have a camera (recommended resolution - at least 720p) and a microphone based on any OS (Windows, Unix, MAC OS);

Please do not switch your camera off during the event;

If necessary, please use a high-quality mini-headset (headphones and microphone);

Please ensure that you do not have any third-party devices and/or background noise (e.g., any devices operating in the 2.4 GHz - the working range telephones, cameras and even microwave ovens);

Your microphone should be muted. Enable it only when giving a speech or addressing the other event participants;

You can address any technical enquires to the Technical Support specialists by sending a personal message.

On the day of the video conference, you need to:

Check the Internet connection;

Log in to the ZOOM meeting platform;

Join the conference 1 hour before the start of the event for a technical rehearsal;

In order to choose your language, click on «Translate» and select EN / RU. If you want to listen to the original sound, click on the «Off» button.